​Imagine a place where kids of all abilities can come together to play, make friends and play as equals. A Playland built to suit the needs of all children, with a focus on special needs.

Never Say Never Playland is the dream and passion of Dusti Grenus and an army of like minded friends behind her. Dusti's only daughter, 21-year-old Kameron, was born with Cerebral Palsy, and has limited mobility and communication ability. For all these years, Dusti has searched for opportunities to give Kam the life of a "normal" kid, and has pursued tireless research and campaigning to develop Never Say Never, Inc. 

In late 2015 Dusti approached the Lake Geneva Board of Park Commissioners with a dream vision that the city would benefit from an inclusive Playland for children of all abilities. The Board of Park Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the project and donated 13,000 square feet of land at Veteran’s Park. The City of Lake Geneva also donated $15,000 towards the purchase of equipment and just like that, Never Say Never, Inc., was born.

Never Say Never Playland will be custom designed by renowned playground architects Leathers & Associates, who specialize in constructing inclusive playgrounds. NSN will feature specially designed components such as; adaptive swings (swings with high backs and safety belts, a wheelchair friendly merry-go-round, cochlear- friendly slides, ramps instead of stairs and most importantly, a poured-in-place rubber foundation. The Playland will feature a woodland theme designed to spark young imaginations to play and believe that anything is possible. We want all kids and young adults having fun no matter what their ability is.  Never Say Never Playland will be ADA accessible and will be the first of its kind in the Walworth County area. In the end, the community will build this unique structure, keeping costs lower and giving everyone a sense of pride as we come together to build the Playland for our kids.

Never Say Never Playground

P.O. Box 824 ​Lake Geneva, WI 53147.        neversayneverplayground@gmail.com