Volunteers for Build Week Spring of 2018

We are in need of volunteers for each category listed below. Each committee plays an important role leading up to and during the week of the build. Planning of each category will take time and commitment and can take up to a year to plan and execute.

Each committee will be given a packet containing a timeline of events, breakdown of their responsibilities and checklist to help guide them along the way. 

Please email Dusti at neversayneverplayground@gmail.com or call 262.206.6991 for further information or how you can get involved.  

Volunteer Coordinator- minimum of 3 people. 
                Task- Volunteer Committee is in charge of gathering plenty of people to help out. We are looking for at least three people to share the responsibilities of volunteer coordinator, one to seek commitments from large groups and the other two from individuals. As coordinator(s) of volunteers, your main goal will be to enlist as many workers as possible for construction. You’ll be an active member of the committee from the beginning- collecting and organizing the names and phone numbers of potential volunteers. You’ll also work with other coordinators to line up sources of tools, food and childcare. 

Childcare Coordinator- minimum of 2 people.
                Task- Childcare is one of the most important parts of construction. If childcare is well organized, creative and fun, everyone- children and parents alike- will have a great time. Don’t think of childcare as babysitting. Think of it as providing a circus of activities for children. Plan the kind of childcare that will make volunteers want to work longer because their kids are having so much fun. The success of the playland project may depend on how well you do this job. 

Tools Coordinator- minimum of 3 people.
                Task- The tool coordinator gathers all the tools needed to build the playground; see that they’re distributed efficiently and in safe, serviceable condition during construction; and arrange for their owners to pick them up after the project is done. Handle this job well, and our site will be safer, people will get more pleasure out of working on the project, and the community will have a better playground.

 Materials Coordinator- minimum of 3 people.
                Task- Building a high-quality playground for our community means acquiring all the right materials and having them ready when the volunteers arrive at the construction site. These coordinators will acquire the donated and purchased materials for the playland project and oversee their distribution during construction.

Construction Coordinator- minimum of 2 people.
                Task- Construction captains work alongside the construction consultants(Leather's & Associates) overseeing and instructing crews and helping to maintain quality. They make it possible for Leather’s consultants to keep hundreds of volunteers working efficiently. Strongly committed captains take care of the details that make working on a project fun, safe, and productive. Without them, volunteers become frustrated because they have to wait for instructions, resulting in lost workers. 
**Most important: Captains must be present for all days of construction from 7O00a until close. Do not split shifts between two or more captains. 

Design and Special Features- minimum of 2 people.
                Task- This committee provides a channel for artistic and design input from the community, and also encompasses education and cultural aspects. It might include murals, appliques, color coordination, and historical elements. The scope of the group’s involvement will vary, depending on the size, complexity, and budget of the project. We’ll help you determine what will work best for your community before and during the design phase.

                One of the unique aspects of a design committee is that, often, local experts, who otherwise might not have participated, are pulled into your project, thus expanding its outreach into your community. This committee helps our project reflect the local history, culture, and general ambiance of the community.