The Process

How Never Say Never Playland will come to life.

With the help of the community we will raise funds to support this project. Never Say Never, Inc will host fundraisers over the next couple years, but we are also asking that you create and host your own fundraising events.

Step 1: Hire a design company who will put our vision on paper and present us with a schematic of the Playland.

Step 2: Fundraise! Fundraise! Fundraise!

Step 3:Get involved, join a committee, learn more about the project, get your family and friends involved.

Step 4: Gather volunteers to help build the playland! The build will take 6-10 days, under the direction of a project manager we will need the help of various businesses, church groups, sports teams, churches, and individuals to come together to help build the playland.

Step 5: Opening Day. Let’s play!!