Dusti Ocampo, is mom to Kameron, a 17 year old teen with special needs who attends Lakeland School, in Elkhorn, WI.  

Dusti, best known as, “Kam’s mom”,  attends as many community outings and events that they can, given how well she can participate.

“Living in Walworth County and being a member of the community has always left me with one question, “if we have a special needs school in this county, why do we not have more resources available for our kids”? Searching for that answer and how I can start making a difference in Kam’s life, her friends and the community, I decided an all-inclusive playground could be the start to answering some of my questions.  Our kids need more resources, a place to be their own, to teach and grow with others.  An inclusive playground is not just for special needs, but it’s a place where everyone can participate in play. Playing side-by-side regardless of their abilities”,

Gaining the approval from the Board of Park Commissioners and City of Lake Geneva, Dusti was able to move forward with her dreams. Forming a nonprofit organization, Never Say Never, Inc was the first steps to making this project a reality.  Seeking the help of family, friends and business professionals in the community they got together to begin fundraising to start raising money to build a playground!  Never Say Never, Inc., is a 501c(3) registered nonprofit organization.  

Our goal is to build in Spring of 2018. The Board of Park Commission has donated 13,000 sq ft of land at Veteran's Park in Lake Geneva to Never Say Never, Inc.  Our goal is to raise one million dollars for this project.